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The Lord is Mighty

Key verse: Psalms 93:4

The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.

Read: Psalms 93:1-5

When God came into the affairs of men to raise unto Himself a people who will stand as God’s showcase unto the world of how mankind should dwell on earth and relate with their God, He presented Himself as Jehovah unto Abraham. Jehovah is the mighty and all sufficient One. There is nothing outside His reach and therefore, nothing difficult for Him to do. He single-handedly enlarged Abraham’s coast and made him a father even when he and his wife were supposedly beyond the age of procreation.

When through the circumstances of life and in bringing to pass the word of God unto Abraham, the children of Israel found themselves in bondage in Egypt and there was need to deliver them, He presented Himself to Moses as Yahweh, the I am that I am. From that time, in His wanting mankind to take Him for whom He is, it is the capability you ascribe to God that He comes through for you as. Therefore, to the children of Israel who thought their God could part the sea and not make it overflow them, He did just that; to them that believed He could feed them for years unending in the wilderness without sowing or reaping, He came through for them. Or how do you explain people who rise daily to go out to fetch bread which they did not put there? They had confidence God would have put it there. However, to them who murmured and said they were doomed because of the giants in the promised land, they had their carcasses dumped in the wilderness.

God is still Jehovah! He is the God of all flesh and there is nothing too difficult for Him to do. Yet He is still Yahweh, the I am that I am. He is whom you make Him to you. There is nothing you are passing through that is insurmountable for God. He is mighty and cloaked in greater majesty than any can imagine. If you will believe Him for who He is, He will come through for you. Esther believed Him for the salvation of the Jews in approaching the throne uninvited which ordinarily was death sentence at the time. She had raised prayer warriors for her life. Yahweh arose for her and the rest is history. He will arise for you too today.


Father, you are my all in all, please help resolve the challenges confronting my life at this time in the name of Jesus Christ.

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