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The Lord our Help

Key verse: Psalms 109:26-27

26 Help me, O LORD my God: O save me according to thy mercy: 27 That they may know that this is thy hand; that thou, LORD, hast done it.

Read: Luke 4:25-26

When the Lord steps into the affairs of any individual, it is unmistakable in the sight of men. When his mates are making it in tens, he starts to make it in a catapulting tumult of thousands and millions. For instance, Peter and his friends toiled all night and caught no fish despite being experts. Once the helper of the helpless stepped into his boat and helped him, he caught a draught and needed help to convey it into the boats. For someone using this devotional, the Lord will come through for you as your helper in that situation and you will become an employer of labor soon in Jesus name. When he sent help to the widow of Zarephat, though she was already at the verge of death, she received a new lease of life through miraculous meals. For you, as from this day, God will send help to you that will change your situation for better that you will never lack good things again in the name of Jesus.

Your help from the Lord can come in diverse ways: God can send you unsolicited help like he did for the man by the pool at Bethesda and the lame man by the beautiful gate. By the prescription of scripture, it is he who asks that receives. For each of these persons, particularly the one by the pool, he did not seek help. He was rather waiting almost hopelessly for an angel to stir the pool. Hopeless because he had no one to push him into the pool even if the angel did come. But Christ Himself approached him and gave him the needed miracle. The miracle that will transform your life for better forever shall come to you unsolicited today in Jesus name. Though the lame man begged alms, he was not seeking restoration. But because God had prepared for him unsolicited helpers in Peter and John, he went home fully transformed. The help that will cause you to rejoice for the rest of your life is coming your way today in Jesus name.

The best helper is God. Unless He releases help to you, the laborers do but in vain. If there is any schism between you and God, please settle it urgently as your heaven is open for help now. Don’t debar it with your iniquities. God bless you


Father, that help that you have prepared for me, please let it locate me today in the name of Jesus Christ.

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