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The Lord’s Heritage

Focus: Psalms 127:3 - KJV

3. Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

Mark 9:36-37

The earth belongs to the Lord and everything that is in it. The Lord had created man to take the charge of the earth. His mind for the continuity of man to be perpetuated in dominion was borne in the pronouncement that he should be fruitful and multiply. Hence, when a generation passes away, another takes over dominion over the earth for the sake of God. No wonder God calls children His heritage. It follows that anyone that takes good care of a child does so on behalf of God and in essence takes care of the future of the earth. Christ emphasizes this in His words. Apart from showing that children are innocent by nature and more acceptable unto God than adults, He also made it clear that receiving children in the name of the Lord is tantamount to receiving the Lord. One policy has worked so well for us in life: whenever we took care of the interest of the heritage of God first before thinking of ourselves, we got bombarded with resources. We had issued the counsel to many and those who took it and put it to use have their testimonies. How are you relating with children – whether biologically yours or otherwise? God is particularly concerned about the well-being of every child and it is good we know that and act on it.

Beloved, it is another children’s day. It is an opportunity to show kindness to the heritage of God even if you have not been so opportune hitherto. Put a smile on the faces of some children today. When they are happy you make God happy for theirs is the Kingdom of God. If you have them biologically, give them a special treat today that their Father in heaven may smile specially on you. Your act of kindness to those who are orphans will go farther in shaking heaven when their hearts rejoice. This day, embrace the Lord’s heritage.

SOLUTION: No matter what, never maltreat a child or standby while one is being maltreated without doing something. Take good care of children. Many are sent your way just to test how receptive you will be to them.

We pray for every child in every home today that the light of God’s countenance will shine brightly upon each of them in Jesus’ name. God will make each of them to excel in life in the name of Jesus. Every evil hand stretched against anyone of them shall whither in Jesus’ name. Happy Children’s Day!!!

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