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The ministry of Angels

Focus: Psalms 91:11 - KJV

11. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

Matthew 26:47-54

Angels are ministering spirits for the heirs of salvation. They are available around the heirs of salvation every bit of the way. When a person surrenders his life to Christ to take charge of, he becomes an infant heir in the Kingdom of God who needs, as a child to be nurtured to growth through the milk of the Word of God. At that stage, the Lord releases angels to be on guard, observe his needs and present them for action by God their Father, through the same angels. Hence, a child of God does not linger in need for there are angels caring for his needs. When the child starts to grow however, the angels wait on him for instruction in righteousness for them to implement. It follows that, when a child of God fails to instruct the angels or request the Father for their intervention, they are there watching but helplessly at the situation of the said child. The situation is the same and even stricter when a person has attained the level of being a son of God. Jesus Christ is the acclaimed only begotten of the Father. When issues arose that appeared to be overwhelming and His disciples drew their sword, He dissuaded them and assured of the readiness of legions of angels to support His needs when necessary.

The angels of God are equally available to you and I. The reason we do not experience their intervention most of the time is because we do not activate them for our purposes. That situation that makes your head bow can be dealt with at once. The resources you require are at your beck and call. If you refuse to call them to action, the assumption is they are not needed. Christ did not need them at the time because the opposition He faced was God’s way for Him to fulfill purpose. Unless you are certain that the opposition you are confronted with is the way to the fulfilment of destiny, then you need to do something about it. Get the help of the angels of God today and the oppression will cease. You know what, for every aggressing demon there are two much more powerful angels on standby.

SOLUTION: Ask God to release a company of angels capable for your situation to assist in your plight today. God’s promise is that when you ask, you will receive.

In the name of Jesus, the angels of the Lord will take over the battles of your life for your victory today and you shall jump for joy. Cheer up. Help is here. Make the request.

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