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The Peace Of God!

Focus: Philippians 4:7 - KJV

7. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

John 14:27

When something is said to pass all understanding, it simply means it is inexplicable. It is not something the brain can logically process and explain. It is something that leaves the observer in awe with gaped mouth wondering. It is easier to describe than define. Let us imagine a situation of war where there is a tendency to employ nuclear technology. By natural instinct everyone in the war zone will scamper for shelter or at least seek safety in one way. Then, imagine that in such situation, there is a person who goes about his livelihood without countenancing the happenings and reportage around him. Such a person’s ways surely pass understanding particularly when he is not known to be insane. But that is what happens to those whose hearts are kept by the peace of God. Storm was shaking the boat in which Jesus slept. Others scampered, bailed out water, worried so much about safety but Christ could not be bothered. He slept like a baby because His heart was kept by the peace of God. Incidentally, before He left the earth physically, that same peace He has given to us that it may keep our hearts.

My dear friend, it does not matter what the world may be experiencing, as Christ has released upon us the peace of God, we ought not to fear when the unbelievers do fear. Tell you what, fear is the opposite of faith and it is projected at the believer to make him lose his blessing. Christ said to Lazarus’ sister “have I not told you that if thou wouldest believe, you will see the glory of God?” Not believing robs the believer of the glory. Because Christ has said he has released on us the peace of God, please believe Him in this seemingly fearful circumstance and see the manifestation of the peace that passes all understanding.

SOLUTION: There are things we do not have control over, no matter what. Therefore, do that which is expected of you; believe God for His Word and do not compromise. Having done all, stand and see the glory of God.

The peace of God will see you through in whatever turmoil the enemy has unleashed over the earth or your situation in the name of Jesus. Nothing shall by any means hurt you in Jesus’ name. Thousands may fall on your side and ten thousand on your right side, nothing of it shall come near you in Jesus’ name. Relax beloved. No shaking. God is in control.

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