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The Power of God’s Might

Focus: Ephesians 6:10 - KJV

10. Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

1 Samuel 17:41-47

The Christian (and indeed mankind) wars not against flesh and blood. From the day the man was given charge of the earth, the one who refused to subsume himself under the Most-High, could not fathom his being subsumed under man who was made subsequent to his occupying the earth. Hence, he made man fall from the superior position to becoming his slave. But from the days of John the Baptist, he noticed that the man was being redeemed from his grasp and therefore the warring is fiercer. Since he is more experienced and spiritually endowed albeit invertedly, for man to overcome him, man needs help. The help must come from an Ally greater than the enemy and the only one so qualified is God Himself. Hence, God has made available to us, His children, the power of His might. It is this power that got the enemy ejected from heaven when he sinned in the beginning. The same power is still very much potent and cannot be overcome by the enemy. David realized that Goliath was driven by a false assurance from the enemy. He knew from experience the power of God’s might and that it can dip the fiercest of enemies. He knew that he must be strong in the Lord to activate the power of God’s might. When he employed same in the battle, he beheaded the enemy without much ado. He needed not the king’s armor but the power of the might of the King of kings.

You too can have victory in your life battles if you will decide from today to be strong in the Lord. Being strong in the Lord connotes trusting Him to come to your aid when you comply with His words and commands. You cannot expect to activate the power of God’s might when you operate in darkness. Don’t mind those who are asking you to arm yourself with guns and stuff to defend yourself. Egypt had greater weapons when they pursued Israel to the bank of the Red Sea. It was the power of God’s might that created a separation between Egypt and Israel that Egypt was unable to overrun Israel. Let’s lend our hearts unto wisdom.

SOLUTION: Please put your trust in God to fight your battles. The battle is the Lord’s. We are less equipped to confront the devil in his domain which is the art of killing and destruction. To deal with him, we need his Creator to put him under our feet by depending on the Lord absolutely and not on our own understanding.

May the Almighty God defend us from every attack of the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ. Every weapon of the enemy formed against us shall never prosper in Jesus’ name. No matter the schemes of the enemy, may the Most-High shield us with the power of His might in the name of Jesus. From this day henceforth, by reason of the involvement of the Lord of Hosts in your battles, the enemy will flee from you in the name of Jesus Christ.

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