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The Righteous Judge is Coming

Focus: Psalms 96:13 - KJV

13. Before the LORD: for he cometh, for he cometh to judge the earth: he shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with his truth.

1 Chronicles 16:23-33

The day of the Lord is coming and it is now very near. All the signs are there to testify to that. That day will be a terrible day, worse than the days of Noah. Terrible in that the aspect of love to the children will be closed to those who are found in disobedience and since God does not want any to perish, He would watch as those whom He loved and for whom He sent His dear Son to die, being railroaded into the lake of fire, a place ordinarily prepared for the judgment of the rebellious Satan and the fallen angels. No! Mercy will no longer avail the lost, then. He comes in His personality as the Consuming Fire at the time. There is however nothing for those who have lived their lives in obedience to fear. He is a righteous Judge and He has all the records of our deeds whether they be thoughts, spoken words or real action or activity. Nothing is hidden from Him and everything will be made bear for all to see so that there will be no talk of injustice. Yes, sins over which mercy had been obtained may be shown also to buttress a point. But for every sin for which mercy had been obtained, none will be judged.

Beloved, shouldn’t we decide and be determined to live the rest of our respective lives in holiness so that when the Lord shall return to judge the earth, He may find us worthy? But what profit have we in wayward living which does not last long on earth anyway, since we know in the end it shall be judged? Kindly decide for Christ and righteousness today so that He may meet you in holiness when He returns. Christmas season is here. Please do not spend the season making Christ regret further His investment over you. Rather, give Him joy by yielding to His will over your life.

SOLUTION: The way to ultimate salvation is to maintain a holy life. There is no other way. Keep it simple: let your life give God joy always.

Father, we hide ourselves in you. Please keep us holy always in Jesus’ name. Let every filth be taken far away from us by your help in Jesus’ name. Please purge us of every attraction to filth that we may be able to stand before you when you come and not be ashamed, in the name of Jesus. By and large, at your coming, let there be commendation from you to us that we may reign with you in the end in Jesus’ name.

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