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The Sun Of Righteousness Shall Arise

Focus: Malachi 4:2 - KJV

2. But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.

Malachi 4:1-3

There is a day in the Calendar of God that is slated to be the day of the Lord. Bible scholars opine that it will be a very devastating day that gross darkness will cover the earth and the people. It is expected that on that day the sun will refuse to give its light and the moon will not be seen at all to shed light upon the people. A day of great devastation it is expected to be. But in every harsh situation, the Lord has a way He succors His people. That is why it is a bad thing to refuse to be on the side of God. For on that day, while devastation will be the lot of many, the Lord will make the Sun of Righteousness to arise for they that fear His name. Even though this ones may have been affected by the turmoil in the day of the Lord, but when the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings, He heals them from all their afflictions and infirmities such that they are able to make progress without hurt in the face of stagnation. Scholars have said the Sun of Righteousness is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. It follows that like the sheep hears the voice of the Shepherd, only those who know Him as their Shepherd will He arise for with healing in His wings.

Because you are on the side of the Lord, if today is appearing like the day of the Lord around you, by the rising of the Sun of Righteousness for you, you will be healed and saved from every calamity in the day or destruction in the way. The requirement is that you still fear His name to honor Him in all your ways never to bring His name into disrepute.

SOLUTION: Always ensure you hold the name of the Lord in awe by keeping His commands and sticking with righteousness.

This day, the Sun of Righteousness will arise for you to make your life very comfortable and glorious in Jesus’ name. Even if death be ravaging and killing thousands on your side and ten thousands on your right side, He will shield you from harm in Jesus name. The name of the Lord being a strong tower will avail for you always in Jesus’ name. Fear not the pestilence but trust in the name of the Lord. You are covered.

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