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The way is narrow

Focus: Matthew 7:13-14 - KJV

13. Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Exodus 23:1-5

There is a way that seems right unto man, the end thereof is the way of destruction. The alternative to the way of destruction is the way of life. Just yesterday, almost everyone was celebrating Christmas. Right now, what has the Christmas notion brought to you? The people of the world follow the way to destruction in droves; when invited to follow the way of life, it is never attractive to many. The main reason is that the way to life is very narrow and to the failing life, unattractive. It is made unattractive by the conductor on the way to destruction. He lures them with enticing deceits and make them appear sweet and pleasurable. He never reveals the very end of the seeming nice times and pleasurable activities. Truth is, he has already been judged and condemned to eternity in the lake of fire. While awaiting the execution, he is luring many of the beings whom the Lord made to be lord over him, to the same fate. So, he paints a picture of something good and never tells what happens to those who engage in such. Where necessary, he tells them the complete opposite. Unfortunately, he has many in his camp following the broad way he has channeled for them which leads to destruction.

On the right track are just a few people who have seen through the lies of the evil one and have switched from the broad way to the narrow way. They have decided not to follow the multitude to do evil. They refuse to allow peer pressure to drag them away from the love of their God. They are resolute to accept the pleasures of heaven against the fake offer of the devil. Even in their daily life on earth, they operate as if in the heavenly Jerusalem already, ever humming and singing melodies in praise of their husband the Lord Jesus Christ. What an experience. These are the ones who know that everything on earth is temporal and that what they have which is unseen to the eye of the flesh, is eternal. They are preparing for the marriage supper with their groom. Whao! What an experience that will be! Will you be there or are you just obsessed with the broad way? Hurry out of the way to destruction and join the narrow way before it is late.

SOLUTION: Never believe the lie of the devil in luring you to disbelieve the truth of the Word of God. Put your total God in God by believing the Gospel which is the direction of Christ and pointer to the narrow way. Please block your ears to fables about the Church. They are tainted to draw you away from the narrow way.

I pray with you today that as the year is going to an end and the world also, you will never miss the way to life in Jesus name. Whatever it takes to ransom you and bring you out of the broad way if that is where you are, the Lord will do it today in Jesus name. God bless!

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