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“Thou” and the Fire of life

Focus: Isaiah 43:2 - KJV

2. When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

Exodus 14:19-25

In the verse of scripture that the Lord has appointed for us today, the word “thou” refers to the lovers of God. It is unto them that the Lord gave the assurance in the Bible verse. And since His promises are yea, and in Him, Amen, He holds firm to them to perform them. He never lies. What He promised, He would do. What He had done before, He would do again. In the past, when Israel went out of Egypt, they passed through the waters (Red Sea and River Jordan at different times), and God was with them such that none of the waters overflowed them. When the three Hebrew boys ran into trouble with their titular king and they were thrown bound into the fire, they walked through the fire and were not burnt, neither did the flame kindle them. Not every water that we pass through is the visible liquid that man is used to. It is possible to be thrown into spiritual waters without the ability to swim or navigate one’s way out of it. When the fire of the world burns, the physical flame may not be seen but the victim feels more than the heat. No matter what it is, the Lord is poised to safeguard His own and prevent him from being devastated. How? Like He did for the Hebrew boys, it is by being present in the same circumstance to take the effect away from His own. Jonah was cast into the waters; God sent a big fish to swallow him and become his living submarine to transport him to the shore relevant to his assignment. God can do it any how He pleases.

Are you also passing through some really difficult times and you are thinking of surrendering to the will of the enemy? No, please. God has the last say in that situation. A beloved sister got mesmerized by a strange ailment that she realized then how priceless it is to breath. At a point, she was already ready to cooperate with death. The suffocator was about to make her drown as she was under the waters and breath was failing. But He who never fails in His promises came through for her and her testimony is resounding. If you will also hold on to the promise of God like the Hebrew boys, no matter the fire they had prepared for you, it will not consume you, nor its flame kindle you.

SOLUTION: No matter what the problem may be, for as long as you have breath, stick with the promise of God. Because God is, He will prove Himself. Never cooperate with the enemy; obey only the truth of the promise of God regarding that situation.

The Lord who turned the fiery furnace into a harmless place for the Hebrew boys will douse every fire the enemy has thrown you into now in Jesus’ name. No water of the enemy will drown you ever in the name of Jesus Christ. The promises of God will work for you always in life in Jesus’ name. God will count you amongst His own and make you entitled to His blessings always in the name of Jesus.

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