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Trust God and be blessed

Focus: Jeremiah 17:7 - KJV

7. Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.

Daniel 3:1-17

There is one critical fact about God: unless we trust Him with all our hearts, we cannot please Him. Meanwhile, many people are languishing in bondage because they do not trust God yet they profess Him as their God. Indeed, the reason it appears to many that God is inactive in their affairs is simply because they do not exhibit faith in Him and in return He has no pleasure in them. It is when we draw nigh unto Him that He equally draws nigh unto us. You cannot draw nigh unto Him except you be certain that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Therefore, when a man trusts the Lord well enough to draw nigh unto Him, the Lord too is delighted to draw nigh unto the same because God loves to fellowship with that kind. Hence, when trust is found in anyone towards God, rest assured that the same is a blessed person who radiates the blessings of God. Even when things seem to be awry with him, he is not easily deterred from hoping in God. He is confident that the One he serves will never forsake him.

The three Hebrew men in the book of Daniel and Daniel himself were mere slaves in Babylon. Today, everyone, the world over, reads about them and acknowledges that they were blessed people. Their blessedness stemmed simply from their trusting God and putting their hopes in Him. It is pertinent to raise a poser here: if a user of this Guide today is told he will be thrown into a furnace for affirming that Jesus is Lord, one wonders how many people will still stand to affirm this. Of course, those young lads had never seen anyone thrown into a furnace that survived before; yet they stood their ground about their resolve to serve and trust only the living God. And, the God, who never leaves nor forsake His own, came through for them and they became the first noted example of fire proof humans. What is it that the enemy is using to say you should deny the Christ whom you profess? It is not until you say I denounce Christ that you have done so. If God has asked you to do something and you are convinced about it, yet because of some wanton fear, you fail to do God’s will, you already denounced Him.

This day, I pray with you and myself: whatever instrument of fear the enemy is using over either of us that is making us to denounce and not trust God enough is destroyed for our sakes now in Jesus name. The grace to trust God and become better blessed than Daniel and his friends the Lord will grant unto us now in Jesus name. You are the next in line of glory. Go ahead and show the Lord how so much you love Him. He cares for you more.

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