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Understanding Judgment

Key verse: Proverbs 28:5

Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things.

2 Kings 20:1-6

The laws of God are eternal. They have been before Adam was. When any of His creatures chooses against the way/law of God, the same is judged based on the prescription of the eternal laws. Hence, when Lucifer challenged the authority of God in heaven, he was judged by being banished out of the presence of God in heaven only to locate himself upon the earth. He was not alone. There were other angels with him. They all lost the glory they enjoyed under God and are now the devil and demons. The same is true for every man who lives outside the precepts of God. He is banished from the presence of God where there is fullness of joy and therefore starts to experience hills in various dimensions. When this happens, those who are of haughty hearts and therefore wicked, refuse to humble themselves before God realizing the basis of their judgment. Rather, they grumble and hold God accountable for their state of life.

Saul Kish was a king in Israel. He disobeyed the directive of God unto Moses that only the Levites being priests are to make sacrifices unto the Lord on behalf of the people. He became judged for his wrong doing. Rather than repent and seek the face of God for mercy, he was adamant and became a terror to his perceived successor thereby offending the more. Hezekiah was wiser. He got a message from the Lord through Isaiah the prophet. He knew straight that no one contests the judgment of God. But he presented his cause unto God why the judgment ought not to be so and God showed him mercy. He sought the Lord and got understanding and reprieve. Cain was not so. He found himself tilling the soil and harvesting thorns and thistles. Rather than understand and seek mercy, he threw the harvest in the face of God as sacrifice. He was worse off for it in the end.

Today, many of us are disgruntled about our situation and because of it we refuse to honor God in the way He deserves. We refuse to pay offerings towards kingdom works; refuse to bring tithes into the store house that there may be meat in God’s house because we have found and judged our pastors to be like the sons of Eli and Samuel. Yet what we are passing through is perhaps the judgment of God for some of our past deeds. Think about it. God has not changed. We are the ones short in righteousness. Keep loving God; seek His face for mercy in the stead of judgment and your turn around is assured.

Pray: Father, I put my being in your hands; please in judgment remember mercy in my matter and all that pertain to me in Jesus name.

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