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Wait For God

Focus: Lamentations 3:25 - KJV

25. The LORD is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.

1 Samuel 13:1-14

Those who are wise will not make any move in crisis before seeking God knowing that there is nothing they can achieve without God. God is never too late in any circumstance. His timing is always apt. But if we delay in seeking Him or waiting for Him, we bear the consequences of our action. Saul was in a dare strait on one of the occasions of battle with the Philistines and had need to wait for Samuel, God’s representative at the time, for seven days. On the seventh day, because of the fear of being deserted by men, Saul performed a sacrifice which he ought not to perform as he could no longer wait. A situation akin to that happened to David also when the enemy raided his Ziklag camp carting away his belongings, wives and children as well as those of his lieutenants. The lieutenants sought to stone him. Rather than pursue the enemy or proceed to fight them, he waited for God to direct him. That, in spite of the threat of death he faced in the hands of his own who were in grief for their loss. Saul failed but David succeeded. The difference is in waiting for and seeking the Lord.

It does not matter how so hot it is in that circumstance you are facing at the moment. The Lord is able to succor and even bring you out of it. The reason it lingers is looking to the position of men rather than concentrating on God. To wait on God or seek Him in that situation is not to jump the gun. There are many who assume they seek God when all they do is ask God to stamp their desires as against God’s will. It does not work like that.

SOLUTION: Prayer is an active tool in the mouth of a seeker of God. Using prayer, seek God while He is yet near. Like David, ask for His will in every situation before doing anything. Master the ways by which God speaks to you. When He speaks, please do whatever He says you should.

Today marks the demarcation between you and oppression in the name of Jesus. From this moment, every time you call upon the Lord, He will answer you in the name of Jesus. You will never be rejected of the Lord in Jesus’ name. Your victory song will be resounding and sweet in the name of Jesus.

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