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Wait For The Promise

Focus: Hebrews 6:15 - KJV

15. And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.

Hebrews 6:9-15

God, by His word, has made great promises for mankind. And beyond that, every man has a promise from God regarding his life. All these promises are borne out of the fact that God’s thoughts concerning us are of peace and not of evil, that we may come to an expected end. At times, it will appear that the promises are being delayed. It is never delayed. Wait for it. Joseph received a promise to be a ruler. Rather than finding himself abruptly on the throne, he landed in the pit. From there, he became a slave and merchandise in the hands of his siblings and cousins. Subsequently, he ended in prison. All these were routes which the enemy thought would truncate the promise, not knowing it was to prepare the mere man for a tough man’s assignment. After he endured the pain of rejection and abuse, he obtained the promise. Abraham, his great grandfather had a promise. He was to be a father of nations. Yet, at very ripe old age, he remained childless. He refused to dishonor God despite the delay. He patiently endured and, in the end, he received the child of promise, the forebear of the Savior of mankind. The promises of God do not fail as God is constant and predictable. It is the vagaries of man that shifts him away from the fulfilment of the promise. Can we continue in sin and ask grace to abound? At the turn of Eli’s children, the promise of priesthood to the father’s house was forfeited because of their waywardness and uncanny attitude towards God’s service.

Beloved, no matter what the devil tries, if it is the Lord that gave you His promise concerning that particular matter, for as long as you remain steadfast in Him and continue to endure, He will come through for you one day. When He does, it will be the best time for the manifestation thereof. Let nothing cause you to despair. Though it appears to have tarried, it will not tarry. The owner of the universe who does not lie, is not about to change in your own case. Your promise will find fulfilment if you wait for it.

SOLUTION: Since there is no alternative to God, just wait on Him. To go seeking help elsewhere is a waste of time. Focus on God in praise, worship and prayer and the performance will be drawn down.

The One who fulfilled His promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph will fulfil His promise to you starting now in Jesus’ name. The days of your enduring hardship while waiting are punctuated today in the name of Jesus Christ. Everything that may want to scuttle the promise concerning you, like that of the children of Eli, is removed by the reason of the blood of Jesus in Jesus’ name. You are the next to celebrate in Jesus’ name.

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