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Works With Meekness of Wisdom

Focus: James 3:13 - KJV

13. Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom.

James 3:13-18

Wisdom is profitable in every man’s life. Those who be wise are able to carry their lives on a level beyond mediocrity. However, wisdom can be righteously or wickedly applied. Wisdom is something built on knowledge. It is utilizing the available knowledge in a manner that brings positivity. So, when a person be wise, he can out of available knowledge or data, save the whole world from destruction. For instance, it is from the scientific knowledge of an existing matter that furnaces are built to cause warmth in homes at winter. That is wisdom at play, righteously and positively. Conversely, however, it is possible to acquire knowledge and possess the wisdom to put the knowledge to profitable use but refuse to so do, because of some strife or anger. It is possible for instance to invent by wisdom, some valuable vaccine against a particular virus. But because the inventor or someone in authority feels odd about the people from Africa or China where such virus is raging, decide it should not be released to them. Meanwhile, fact remains that just one infected traveler from any infected country can cause a ravaging effect on lives in a place where it was not found at the outset. So, withholding the invention that came out of wisdom, due to some envying or strife is not good wisdom but earthly, sensuous and devilish. But the good wisdom as earlier described is from above, is gentle, pure and easy to intreat, in short, meek because it is not vaunted. There are many people today with wisdom but withhold the same from their compatriots for envy or strife. It does not add up as it is done against love and therefore devilish.

Whatever wisdom you have has been put in you by the Lord. Your withholding it from your neighbor is not supported by your giver. Everything we receive from the Lord is not meant for our use alone but for the improvement of lives and living upon the earth. Hence, if we hoard wisdom, of what use does it come to? Some Africans had great inventions in herbal medicine but hoarded the formular from others but dispensed to only those close to them. After their demise, no one knows the formular and therefore it went extinct. If the Europeans had fully hoarded their medical formulae, the world would not have made the considerable achievement in medical health achieved so far. Don’t hoard it; put it to use with meekness. Then you will please God.

SOLUTION: Apply wisdom positively. Don’t hoard it or use it against anyone. Help make the world a better place by using your wisdom with meekness.

Father, we look to you for wisdom today; please give us so much wisdom to be able to help our generation and generations after to understand and serve you better in Jesus’ name. Whenever pride seeks to take us over, please prompt us to always operate in meekness in Jesus’ name. In everything we do, let your name be glorified in the name of Jesus Christ.

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