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You are redeemed

Key verse: Psalms 107:2 - KJV

2. Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy;

Romans 6:15-23

The Lord’s mercy endures forever. It is by the same that He has redeemed man from the curse of the law so that anyone who believes should not perish but have everlasting life. Everyone that is so redeemed is expected to declare the goodness and mercy of the Lord to all and sundry. Such declaration is not only in words but also in deeds. Having been redeemed from sin, they are expected not to yield themselves to sin or to live thereby any more. This suggests that although we have been saved by grace through faith in the One who died for our sin, there is the possibility to sin if we yield ourselves in obedience to sin. Rather, we are enjoined to yield ourselves forthwith unto righteousness as servants thereof rather than being servants of sin through iniquity. For you are the servant of whom you obey.

The assumption of living under grace and therefore being free from the thoughts of the law which is the basis of sin is floored by the fact that even the scriptures say shall we sin because we are no longer under the law but under grace? And adds, God forbid. Hence, it is very possible for the redeemed to slip or slide back into sin by freeing himself from righteousness. We must beware of the devices of the enemy. Like he lied to Eve in the garden using the scripture which is the word of God albeit twisted by him, he has also decided to sow a lie into the minds of the redeemed by making him believe the scripture is oblivious of sin and iniquities by the reason of grace. But when the righteous Judge shall come, He judges based on His word and not the lie the enemy tells. When He judged Eve, it was that she sinned even though she made effort to pass the bulk. Though deceived, she still bore the consequences of her action. In the same vein, it is possible to be deceived by the lie of the devil, but such excuse is not excusable in the day of judgment.

Beloved, because you believe, you are the redeemed of the Lord. You are to declare His mercies unto others. You cannot operate in sin which is the same nature of the people you seek to declare God’s mercies to and expect them to believe you as they do not see a difference between you and themselves. Flee therefore from every semblance of evil. Bring forth fruit meet for righteousness which is the basis of your redemption.

Pray: Father, please keep me righteous by your Spirit in Jesus name.

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