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Your longevity

Key verse: Ephesians 6:3

That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

Ephesians 6:2-3

It is true that children are the heritage of God, yet parents are the representatives of God to bring up the children in the way they should follow. The investment made by parents in bringing up the children, they are not able to pay back in a lifetime. Some parents do not so cater for the children. It is unto God they are answerable for their actions and not the children. They represent God and not necessarily the children. Hence, the Lord expects children to honor their parents and attached a reward to it – longevity. Also, because of the principle of seed and harvest, children should honor their parents so that their own children too may honor them.

There are many ways to honor one’s parents: by obeying their godly instructions; by funding their well-being; by submitting to their superior leading until they give our hand (female children) out in marriage; by ensuring we hold them in awe and present them as such to our friends and acquaintances, etc. When we do these, the Lord assures us of living long on earth. It is therefore pitiable when a child(ren) maltreat their parents or anyone of them, whether the concerned parent is aware of the deed or not. We owe this responsibility directly to God, the One who appointed them for us. Reuben was the heir apparent to Jacob’s legacy. Although he pretended to honor the father, he went surreptitiously to sleep with his concubine. By so doing, he had chosen the path of curses and forfeited the right to longevity. Although the father eventually told him the effect of his nefarious act, he already chose the result himself.

As we have the Lord’s assurance regarding this matter, it is wise we hold God to His word by doing that which honors our parents from time to time. If however, we have by some mistake in the past, dishonored any of our parents, thank God that we are still alive to make amends. If the concerned parent is no more, hope is not lost as we can run to the Lord who appointed the parent in the first place, showing full remorse and asking for mercy. He is a merciful God; He will receive and restore you in favor.

Pray: Father, help me to constantly honor each of my parents that I may enjoy longevity on earth. In places where I had failed in this, please forgive me by your mercy and restore me to the blessing of longevity in Jesus name.

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