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Focus: John 16:33 - KJV

33. These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Ezekiel 16:1-6

Fear is a stealer/thief of life. It has the capacity to drain life out of its victim, when, often times, there is really no threat at all. There are people who have been abandoned by those whom they relied on, including those who gave birth to them. Friends have deserted them and wrong words had been said to them, that warrants fear of the unknown. They exist without existing just because of the tribulations that confront them in the current life. Meanwhile, the problem with them appears to be that they seem not to be fully detached from the condition they lived in while they were conceived in the womb of those who bore them; now that they are born, they still have their navels attached to their uncaring mother; they remain unwashed from the blood of their mothers, which was the old order they were used to. Such a situation of abandonment by a carefree mother, can bring the fear of death to an undiscerning tender child.

Nonetheless, God is the author of life, and He would never have brought us to birth in that in which we are born, if He would not see us through it. Like He spoke to Ezekiel concerning Israel, though they were conceived and brought forth in Canaan, the land of the wicked, and Canaan had abandoned and forsaken them in their unwashed and infant fear for survival, when the Lord came by and saw the circumstance, all He did was to speak to the child Israel just one word: Live. That same God has come the way of a user of this Guide today. He says to us: LIVE.

It does not matter the state in which the world has brought us; it is of no consequence the actions and misbehavior of those who were commanded to love but will rather cause us to be hated and want us to be strangulated. The Lord has located us in that situation today. The one who has overcome the world says to us, Live. Hence, in that situation in which we find ourselves, let us cut the navels that attach us to the unpleasant mother, and with boldness in the Lord, having confidence that greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world, let us come truly alive and perform the enterprise which the Lord has brought us into, for the betterment of mankind. Please live.

SOLUTION: Stop dwelling on the words the wicked has said to you that has been deepening your destiny. They are words of death that proceeds from the mouth of the wicked from hell. Rather, dwell on the word of God to you this day and thrive thereby forthwith. LIVE!

Please pray thus: Father, I thank you for your word of power that causes me to live. By your power, I shall live and not die in the name of Jesus Christ. Let every evil word spoken against my destiny eat up the speakers thereof from today, in the name of Jesus. As I dwell on your word O Lord, grant me life in your assignment, that your name may be glorified, in Jesus’ name.

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