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A new thing

Text: Revelation 21:5

And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.

Bible Reading:

Isaiah 43:18-21


This is to wish every user of this guidea very happy new month in all sphere of life physically, mentally, materially, maritally and most importantly spiritually in Jesus name. The Lord is set to take His people out of bondage of the past and set them on high starting from now. This is why He is reassuring that He is set to do a new thing for those who will hearken diligently to His voice to observe and to do all that He commands. This month is the beginning of great and mighty restoration for many and beyond restoration, God promises to do new things: pleasant things you had never experienced before will start to show forth for your enjoyment. The counsel of the Lord however is to beware not to get carried away in the euphoria of these largesse so as not to be swept away in the flood that flows from the mouth of the dragon. If only you will focus on God henceforth, then shall you manifestly shine as light throughout this new month and beyond if the Lord has not yet come for His saints. Determine to walk with Him from now. Ensure you live a righteous life by the help of His Spirit giving yourself to the study of the Word, prayer and the spread of the gospel and you are assured that your inventory at the end of the month will show clear lifting and success. Welcome to a new beautiful beginning.

Prayer Guide:

Father, please help me in this new month to be faithful to you that I may enjoy your goodness through and through in Jesus name.

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