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Access to the Father

Text: Eph.2:18-19

18 For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father.

19 Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God;

Bible Reading:

Genesis 3:1-13


The mind of God is to have man in fellowship. This is why in the beginning, when He created man, He came to him in the garden calling out to the man for fellowship. Unfortunately, man denounced the fellowship of God. That is why God pointedly asked the woman “what is this you have done?” God always wanted man to be with Him. It beats one why most men from generation to generation, and more in this generation, will rather keep a distance from God. Funny enough, when mortal politicians ask to befriend us we are happy and eager to be in their company. Even if the President of your country is not someone you ordinarily approve of, when he invites you to an occasion in the Presidential palace, you don’t turn him down. Indeed, you make a big show of it. Now, the One who is asking us to fellowship is the one that is greater than the greatest. Although we forfeited fellowship with that which the woman did in the garden, God has done so greatly because of His love for us: He gave His only begotten Son to bear the burden of our deed and thereby grant us fresh access by the Holy Spirit unto the Father. It is a cheery news. The estrangement brought about by the misbehavior in the garden has been done away with. Many are now able to approach the Father without fear and call Him Daddy! Whao! What manner of love this is! Yet many out of ignorance of what they are missing when they are not in fellowship with God decline the restoration grace and access. How on earth can anyone miss so great an opportunity? It takes your experiencing it to feel it. Unless you taste it, you won’t know what so much you are missing. The Lord Jesus already provided the access; all you need is take it. Don’t delay further.


Father I thank you for the access you have given us to fellowship with you and many other saints. Please retain me in your household and commonwealth forever in Jesus name.

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