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Allow the Holy Spirit (3)

Joel 2:28 - KJV

28. And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

Acts 15:7-12

There should be no disputing on the persons entitled to receiving the Holy Spirit. The Lord Himself had promised to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. That presupposes that the Holy Spirit, at the appointed time became available to everyone that is ready to receive Him. However, like it was in the beginning, the Holy Spirit is unable to operate in a void and formless place. The life that epitomizes darkness is formless and void. Though they walk about, they are looked at in the spiritual as walking corpses. Like in Genesis chapter 1, unless a life receives the light of God, same cannot have the Holy Spirit inhabit it or do meaningful work in it. The way to receive the light of God at this time is through the Gospel of Christ. Once the light finds a place in a person’s life, the Holy Spirit finds place therein. As wonderful as Cornelius was, he operated in darkness and therefore could not receive the Holy Spirit. By the thinking of the Jews, the gentiles like Cornelius could never receive the Holy Spirit. But God not being an author of confusion, promised to pour Him out to all flesh including the gentiles. To take away the darkness preventing Cornelius from receiving the Holy Spirit, God commanded light by sending Peter to deliver the gospel of light to him. Once he got illuminated, the Holy Spirit showed forth with signs and wonders happening in the life of Cornelius and his brethren. No one need be deprived of the Holy Spirit.

You too can start experiencing signs and wonders if you will allow the Holy Spirit in your life. Perhaps the reason you are yet to experience Him is because of the darkness surrounding you. Every work of the flesh is an issue of darkness. If you will let the word of the Gospel that has been preached to you severally find a place in you, your life will be illuminated in preparation for the Holy Spirit. When you allow the Holy Spirit, your life will be guided by Him by the day, never leaving you to fall into error. Yes, many had received Him and fallen into error because they damned Him and refused to yield to His voice, preferring to dwell in darkness rather than the light they were first offered. Your case need not be like that if you will allow the Holy Spirit direct you forthwith.

SOLUTION: Life can be glorious if we yield to the Holy Spirit. Submit first to the light of God through the Gospel by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior; pray for the baptism in the Holy Ghost and God will grant your request if you are sincere about it.

The Lord will envelope you with His Spirit to give your life a meaning from now on in the name of Jesus Christ. Everything called darkness militating against your experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit is dispersed by the light of God now in Jesus’ name. Enter into the realm of the supernatural to do wonders in life from this day in Jesus’ name.

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