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Are Those Actions Right?

Focus: Proverbs 21:2 - KJV

2. Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts.

1 Samuel 13:6-14

Only a mad man does a thing without a reason. Whenever a man proceeds to actualize a thought, he has concluded in his mind that that which he pursued was right. However, there is always an intent of the heart that brings about the eventual action. No matter the justification the actor puts forward, if the heart is not right, then it is unjustifiable. A right heart is one that proceeds on the premise of love: love to God, and love to the neighbor. There was a time that king Saul found himself in a strait having a mass soldiers of the Philistines encamp against his army. The tradition at the time was for the priest to make offerings before the army went to battle so as to assure them of the Lord’s presence. Samuel had appointed seven days to come for the offering. The people were becoming jittery and hiding in caves not having seen Samuel and assuming the Lord was not going to be with them in this battle. Saul was not ready to have the army dissipated because of a sacrifice. Hence, he took a bold step to do the sacrifice to win the confidence of the people, it will appear. But God is a God of details. The sacrifice was to be made by the priest. At any rate, when God was to substitute Saul, he looked for someone after His own heart. That presupposes that Saul was not after His heart. Perhaps when Saul was taking the decision to sacrifice, his heart was saying “to hell with that Samuel”, by which he was desecrating the things of God. Looking at the reason he put forward, an ordinary thinker will assume Saul was justified. But God, who saw his heart, knew he was not.

That step you are about to take and you think you can explain it away to people and you will be justified can never fool the Lord. He knows why you are doing it. It may seem right to everyone but if it is not right with God, it is absolutely wrong. The people that will judge it right will in the end not stand by you when the real intent is exposed by the Lord. Why must we do things without thinking about the God factor? He ponders the things of the heart and not just the action like ordinary human judges do.

SOLUTION: Let your heart agree with your act to do good. Never present a face-saving argument when indeed you intended evil while doing the seeming good act. Nothing that is hidden that will not be exposed.

May the Almighty God take our hearts over from today to only conceive good things and do them without ulterior motives in Jesus’ name. May all our motives be found to glorify God and lift mankind to the place of reverencing God in Jesus’ name. May we not be found wanting in judgment because of our actions in Jesus’ name.

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1 Comment

Bayo Ayanga
Bayo Ayanga
Dec 28, 2022

How do we determine what is right sir, or that what I have decided to do, is right, cos what seems right to you may not be, to another. What are the pointers to look out for in determining whether this is right or not

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