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Ask In Jesus' Name

Focus: John 16:24 - KJV

24. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.

Acts 3:1-12

The name of Jesus Christ carries so much power that many do not yet understand. When a person reckoned with by heaven mentions the name of Jesus Christ, there is always an impact or effect in the spirit realm. By the word of God, every being in the realms – in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth – pay obeisance, at the mention of that name. The enemy knows this and has been affected by it so badly and so has raised opposition against praying in that name that there may be less effect in prayers of the people. Many today, share prayers ending with “by God’s grace” or “in the name of God” or such other things just to avoid mentioning the name. They are only being robbed of joy by accepting that position. The Christ Himself commended the name to us and we have seen its effect in scripture and in life. Peter had never done a remarkable miracle in his life before Christ was crucified. He actually was downcast when his Master was taken from him. But, remembering the promise of Christ that before now had you asked nothing in my name, ask that your joy may be full, he got to the Temple and could no longer endure the sorrow that the state of the lame man brought to him and other worshippers who passed by him at the beautiful gate. Then he invoked the name. Alas! The lame arose. Peter’s joy was full; the hitherto lame man’s joy was full; observers’ joy became full on sighting the hitherto lame reverberating in joy and so on. There is no jettisoning the name of Jesus Christ in prayer. Jettisoning it is the ploy of the anti-Christ.

Beloved, Naaman was told to dip himself in the Jordan seven times and he first was adamant. A poor servant was the catalyst for his brain reset that brought his miracle. All the Lord is asking you to do is put aside all that you had believed in that had not been working for you and kept you in some murky waters. Ask in the name of Jesus Christ today and see your joy becoming fuller than that of Naaman who was cleansed from leprosy. Or have you been praying with the name without change in your own eyes? Maybe you have been doing so just to be seen as such and not having faith in what you are praying with your mouth. Please have faith in God and the finished work of Christ on the cross before employing the name. It will surely work for you. Happy New Month.

SOLUTION: Be determined in what you seek joy on. Approach the throne of grace with boldness in the name of Jesus Christ. When you ask, have faith and do not waiver. The negative position may seem to be showing forth, believe only what you have prayed and it will surely replace the negative.

Father Lord in the name of Jesus Christ, we seek fullness of joy for every user of this Guide, and therefore we join our faith with theirs, that whatever may be their request in this month, that their joy may be full, as they make their righteous requests known to you, please grant such desires fully and without delay in the name of Jesus Christ. Please make this month a month to remember for your goodness by everyone in Jesus’ name.

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