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Assured guidance

Memorize: Isaiah 30:21

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

Read: Genesis 26:1-14

The ordinary man lacks capacity to see beyond his immediate environment. Thanks be to God for advancement in knowledge and technology, the world is now a global village and it is possible to know on a palm what the state of affairs is anywhere in the world from elsewhere. Nonetheless, man’s view is still myopic without the help of God. The one who says He will neither leave nor forsake us is all-knowing and all-sufficient. Because He is from above, He is above all and from His vantage position of power, He comprehends all things at a go. Indeed, He knows the ending of all things from the very beginning. He knows when famine can be turned around to surplus. He announced through Elisha that in twenty-four hours, there would be surplus at the gate of Samaria and it was so. When there was famine in Gerar, He told Isaac not to leave and whereas every other being felt the bite of famine, Isaac’s case was the reverse.

Elisha and Isaac could carry through in their time because they heard the voice of God telling them what they should do and they obeyed. The situation around you may appear fierce and insurmountable. Fear not. All you need is direction from God. Whenever He promises a thing, He brings it to bear. Have you ever been hearing from God? Congratulations if you have. If not, be encouraged. Once it is written it is settled. You can also begin to hear a voice from behind you telling you the way to go. His directions lead to life and you cannot fail if you follow it.

A story was told of a man who was lowered from a high tower to escape danger. Incidentally, the rope used could not reach the ground. Yet everywhere was foggy that he could not see the distance between him and the ground. He heard a voice say to him “jump off from the rope”. But the fear of crash-landing from the height won’t let him. He dangled in the air only less than six feet from the ground and almost died because he doubted the good voice. God is set to give you directions henceforth; all you are required to do is to trust and obey and it surely shall be well with you. But you can’t hear Him if you are not His sheep.


Father, I long to hear your voice daily: please guide me through the dangers of life that I may lead a successful life in you in Jesus name.

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