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Be contented

Focus: Proverbs 15:16 - KJV

16. Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith.

Proverbs 16:8

Jacob was a sojourner in his mother’s town. He stayed with his uncle as his worker for about twenty years. For the twenty years, ten times the uncle swindled him of his rightful wages. He had two wives, two concubines and eleven children to take care of. He was never grumbling to God neither was he messing with his master’s belonging. He remained righteous until the day he sought to return to the land of his father. When he was to return, the Lord gave him a strategy to give him wealth. When the wealth transfer happened, the uncle was so enthralled against him that he sought to do Jacob harm. But God arose for Jacob and confronted Laban in a dream instructing him to do Jacob no harm. Assume Jacob had fought for himself while he thought albeit rightly that Laban was cheating him? Would God have been available to defend him when the time was right. There are people today that assume their bosses are thrifty making money and not giving them the leeway to do the same. They therefore device a means craftily to harness resources unto themselves to the detriment of the organization. Their justification? The leader is doing the same; we also know how to ride good cars and stuff like that. But is God in approval of your unrighteous schemes and moves? If Christ returns today, will He praise you for that which you are doing?

Beloved, anything acquired outside righteousness will bring about trouble sooner than later. To forestall trouble, stay on the side of the Lord in righteousness. For as long as the Lord is on your side, you can never miss your reward. Leave those that are running ahead in unrighteousness. When their Laban catches up with them, they will have themselves to blame. For you, if you will remain on the path of righteousness, when any Laban rises up against you, God will surely collide against them for you. Don’t let the craze for fame or wealth erode the works of righteousness you have done. Fear God and be contented with the one you have at the moment. God will surely prosper you in due time.

SOLUTION: There is no short cut to wealth. Only righteousness exalts. Anything gained through unrighteousness will end in trouble. Fear God. Be righteous in all your doing.

The Lord will stand by you and rebuke kings for your sake in the name of Jesus. The power to make wealth without cutting corners the Lord will release on you today in Jesus’ name. The Lord will make your bouncing back be like them that dream in the name of Jesus Christ. Stand firm in righteousness. God bless you.

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