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Be Distinct

Focus: 1 Corinthians 10:21 - KJV

21. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.

Isaiah 44:6-8

There is only one God. He cannot lie, does not lie and cannot operate in a lie. Whenever a lie is imported into the idea of God, it takes God out of the idea. When God is out of the idea, what is left is a lie and therefore an idol. Though it does not exist, an idol is the lie that man has accepted about God which lie was sown into him by the enemy to cause a separation between him and his God. Therefore, the concept of idols is a concept that developed though originally with man wanting to relate with the true God but ending up introducing something into it which is not of God. But when a man finds the true God, it behoves him to stick with the true God and stop romancing the lie which he had believed otherwise he would still be authenticating the lie. Dagon was an image created by man to depict God. And since God is not the object used to represent Dagon, He abstained from it. Upon finding the authentic God, going back to pay obeisance to Dagon is an insult on the living God. This is what many people do. They claim to be born again and yet find nothing wrong in paying obeisance to the lie they had believed in before coming to Christ. That belief is either a lie or it is not. If it is a lie, why relate with it? If it is not a lie, why embrace another?

Beloved, please make up your mind whom you want to belong to. A servant cannot serve two masters. For the best result, we need to stick to one and take the benefits or otherwise found in our choice. Not being resolute about the way to go puts one in greater peril. God does not want us hanging between the balance. He prefers that we take a definite stand and be clear where we are. Any other thing outside the living God whom Jesus presented to us, is an idol and therefore nonexistent.

SOLUTION: Never join in believing a lie. Test all spirit and hold on to that which is true. Be careful with the letter of the Word. The letter kills. Only the Spirit gives life. Don’t proceed to study until your Teacher be the Holy Spirit or spirit-filled. Discover the truth thereby.

I join my faith with yours to pray that God will show us His real person and where we can find Him in the company of men, if at all, in Jesus’ name. The Holy Spirit shall from this day teach us all things and bring to our remembrance all that the Lord Himself taught us in the name of Jesus. No more serving a nonexistent God from today in Jesus’ name.

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