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Be Perfect

Focus: Matthew 5:48 - KJV

48. Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

Genesis 17:1

Our God is same yesterday, today and forever. As He does not change, His policies also do not change. As it was in the beginning, is now and forever shall be. This God is perfect and He created man in His image and likeness. Meaning that He created man to take on perfection. Unless and until a man be perfect, he is not able to serve the purpose of God. Abram was born at a time when the Christ was yet to come to take away the sin of the world and pave the way for man to have capacity to be restored to living a life that is perfect. Yet, in his walk with God, Abram was deemed imperfect and therefore was commanded to be perfect. Some assume the imperfection of Abram was in sticking with Lot when God had commanded otherwise. This is only one of the proofs of Abram’s imperfection at the time. As God commanded Abram then, He is also commanding us today to be perfect. Perfection in our time is easier than in the time of Abram in that we have a precedent to look to – the Lord Jesus Christ. So, to be perfect like the Lord is perfect, we need to imbibe the humility and endurance of Christ in every aspect of our daily lives. He is the Light that illuminates in the darkness man was put into. By His light, we are able to please God. That light is found in His word. When we live in obedience to the word, we attain perfection and are pleasing to God.

A perfect life is one that attracts blessings from the Lord. Even though God pronounced blessings on Abram, he did not start to reap the fruit thereof until he was commanded to be perfect. It is possible that those promises have lingered thus far because the Lord is waiting for us to be perfect. From the time of the instruction to be perfect, Abram began to see the manifestation of the pronounced blessings. He waged war against the foes of his foe (Lot) and had so much to show in victory. If we also will heed the instruction to be perfect from today, we shall start to experience great manifestation of lingering promises.

SOLUTION: God is waiting to embrace those who will live a perfect life by His word. A little deviation from the position of the Word is an invitation to darkness. Live by the Word and experience the beauty of holiness in the light.

As we continue to improve in our walk towards perfection, may the Help of the helpless help us to become perfect indeed in the name of Jesus. May we dwell perpetually in the light of God from now in Jesus’ name. By the reason of the light of God’s countenance around us, may we begin to realize and enjoy His blessings for our lives in Jesus’ name and may darkness be far from us evermore in Jesus’ name.

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