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Be Slow To Wrath

Focus: Proverbs 14:29 - KJV

29. He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly.

Ecclesiastes 7:7-9

The devil is a very crafty being. All he seeks to do is steal, kill and destroy. One of the methods he employs is to make a person mad about his neighbor knowing the law of God is that you love your neighbor as yourself. And since God is love and dwells in our hearts, he craftily makes us to expunge God from our hearts by being mad at our neighbor. He who is mad at another has lost love for that other and therefore cannot fulfil the injunction of God. The irony is, the devil is the father of lies and so, what he tells us about our neighbor that makes us mad at him is most often a lie! Note that the mixture of some truth with a little lie makes everything a lie. Dwelling on a lie to get mad at our neighbor makes us primarily evil. This accounts for why scriptures label the one who is prone to anger, a fool. Therefore, the wise one who has great understanding will not be hasty in jumping into conclusions but will test all spirits and hold on to that which is true. Indeed, he is slow to wrath or even eschews it completely knowing that it is the instrument of the devil to trap and ensnare him and not necessarily the other fellow (neighbor) who may be plain in heart never to react to the madness.

Are you in anyway prone to anger? It is opening you up as a sport for the devil. Deal with it today. There is something we must all realize: only a mad person does a thing without a reason. Has your neighbor done something to you that hurts you? Why not confront him with it to understand his reasons. Even if he is the most wicked of men, when he is confronted he either melts into cowardice or he explains his reasons. And where it is most unreasonable you can both iron things out and thereby gain one another back. That is the way of the wise. The hasty in spirit only promotes folly or what you call foolishness.

SOLUTION: Whatever anyone does to you; or in a better language, whatever you are told by talebearers or whoever about your neighbor, never act hastily about it. Rather, verify all things and maintain meekness in all things. The profiting will be yours in the end.

The Lord will shame the devil concerning your life in Jesus name. He will never succeed in dragging you into folly in the mighty name of Jesus. Therefore every spirit of hastiness and anger is rebuked and banished from your life and person from today in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. No more

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