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Being Christ’s Disciples

Focus: John 15:8 - KJV

8. Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

John 15:1-8

For as long as the earth remains, life is a continuum. People bring forth offspring teaching them how to live on earth such that when the progenitor expires, the offspring continue in life. If a tradition must therefore continue, it is handed down to the offspring else it goes into extinction. The salvation of man from the wickedness of sin has been completed in Jesus Christ. But the same is actuated by belief. Unless people hear about it, they cannot believe. It is therefore necessary that as the Lord raised for Himself disciples and witnesses, they ought to raise offspring in the same light unto the Lord to continue in the tradition of witnessing. The reason there has been so much decay on earth is traceable to the fact that many that were discipled over time did not disciple others. As they failed to disciple others to the expected extent, the effect of evangelism was not so felt until the Pentecostal revolution of late. Even now, with the said revolution, discipleship is even waning. It is not just about “giving your life to Jesus” but bearing fruit. Fruit bearing is about reproducing oneself or better in another. Until that happens, we are not bearing fruit. And if we fail to bear fruit, our culture as believers will tend towards extinction. Hence, the Lord commands that we should bring forth fruits. If we do not, then we cannot be His disciples.

Friend, are you a disciple of Christ? Some people brought you forth and nurtured you to become who you are in Christ Jesus, if at all. You need also to bring forth fruits and nurture them to become better than you are. When every individual disciple bears fruits, there is a multiplier effect for the next generation to further build on. Put your own quota in and be counted amongst the disciples of Christ.

SOLUTION: Make it a point of duty to preach the Gospel to many others whether it is convenient or not. As the Holy Spirit convicts them of sin and converts them unto righteousness, ensure you follow them up to forestall a relapse and do nurture as many as you have grace for to great stature in Christ encouraging them on till they attain the fullness of the stature of Christ.

Father, we need you Lord in our fruit bearing assignment: please come to our aid in the name of Jesus Christ. Help us Lord to draw many to yourself through us in Jesus’ name. And as many as are so drawn, please help to make them teachable and make them true disciples of yours as you have made us and better in Jesus’ name. As we do this, please affirm our discipleship in you in Jesus’ name.

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