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Blind, Receive Sight

Focus: Matthew 9:28 - KJV

28. And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord.

Matthew 13:10-17

To be blind is to be in darkness, a state that can be either physical or spiritual. There are those whose sight are physically lost or non-existent from their inception. They are not able to see the light and nature that many others see and enjoy. It is the same for those who are spiritually blind. They appear to be gaping but see nothing. Meanwhile, there is a great light that is viewable to those with sight to see with. Recently, on social media, there was a Jewish rabbi speaking about Christians wanting others to convert to their religion and all manner of things about Christ having hung on a tree and therefore accursed. Of such, the words of Christ are clear. They are they with eyes but cannot see and it was for them that many things that are of light origin were said in parables. It is baffling to see people believing that their animal sacrifice washes away their sin. They fail to see it as it is, for it is animal cruelty and God does not delight in it. Many who rely on the Tora that he spoke about in the said video have been so deceived and drawn into further darkness that their situations are simply pitiable. The Quran which also dwells on the Tora, clearly acknowledges the Christ in its chapter 19 as He who must be obeyed and who is coming back to judge the world. Yet, some of the proponents prefer to lean on the position of the said rabbi despite reading the truth as set out. How so convenient!

Everyone who has no sight operates in darkness and should run to Christ now for their illumination. Such illumination will only come if they will acknowledge the ability of Christ to open their eyes to see the wonders in the light of the kingdom. If they fail to have their eyes enlightened unto understanding, it is their loss because no one would blame the Christ or any of His disciples for not making an attempt to help them. By the way, what have you to lose if you believe in Christ or, conversely, what have you to gain if you reject the Christ who volunteered Himself for your salvation? If like the rabbi said, since the Tora says everyone will bear the consequence of his sin, how is it that the blood of the innocent cannot take your sin away but that of a dove or ram can? Isn’t it clear that the bearing of sin by the individual sinner is a prophesy pointing to the effect of the ransom by Christ?

SOLUTION: Seek the Lord while you can. There is no repentance in the grave. Tomorrow may be too late. Locate a believer now and ask him to direct you to the way of salvation. Above all, stop listening to the words of deceivers who are signed to dine with the devil forever.

Father, we pray today for everyone that is blind to the light of your Kingdom, do please by your mercy give them sight in the name of Jesus Christ. Like you gave the rabbi, Saul of Tarsus an insight, please help them also in Jesus’ name. And if there be any user of this Guide or anyone close to same, whose physical eyes are going deem or have done so, please give them brand new eyes in Jesus’ name.


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