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Can’t Bribe God

Focus: Proverbs 21:3 - KJV

3. To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.

2 Samuel 12:16-19

David was a man after God’s heart. Like every man God created, God loved him. Beyond the general love, God found him to understand the mind of God and therefore, God was fond of him and gave him some privileges that were uncommon. But God prefers the just. He will rather that we be just than come to Him with sacrifice to annul the consequences of our injustice. David had killed Uriah for the sake of taking over his wife and had a child by her just because he was better placed than the poor soldier, Urriah. And since God hates adultery and speaks tersely against it, there are repercussions for those who engage in it. Not only that, to kill is to call God into battle. These two David had done in the circumstance. Then he went about fasting, praying and hurting himself that God may overlook completely, all his misdeeds. The just God will not condone injustice or be partial. The subsequent seeming repentance and fasting was a sacrifice aimed at making the injustice done to be of no consequence. But God rejected it. Was it because God doesn’t countenance fasting and praying? Not so. It is that to do justice is more acceptable to Him than sacrifice. To some, the sacrifice is to bring to the altar the proceeds of stealing and appear in the sights of men to be just. Others will buy expensive gifts for the Pastor all with a view to beclouding the eyes of God to their injustices. And the one who sits in Heaven shall laugh.

Beloved, your sacrifice unto God is good and cherished. But please don’t make sacrifice as if to call God a fool. If you have rendered injustice and you start to see or envisage the repercussion, the first thing to do is to restitute. When restitution is accepted, then sacrifice may be acceptable. David’s child died despite his sacrifice. You can fare better if you will remove the injustice by owning up and doing the right thing now! God is watching.

SOLUTION: Think about being in the shoes of the one to whom injustice is mete and consider how hurtful it would be to you. Immediately undo the injustice done to the best of your ability. Look to God for mercy but don’t annoy Him with vain sacrifice. Determine never to be unjust to anyone again in your matters.

The Lord will show you mercy for all your past injustices in the name of Jesus. The grace to forgive will be released upon all those you have hurt in times past as you seek restitution, in Jesus’ name. Every consequence for the past injustices is wiped out by the reason of the blood of Jesus Christ in Jesus’ name. You will never forfeit anything or anyone that gives you joy, as a result of the things of the past in Jesus’ name.

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