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Choose Your Companions Wisely

Focus: Psalms 119:63 – KJV

63. I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.

Proverbs 13:20

There is a known adage that says show me your friends and I will know whom you are. If a person is often seen in the company of fools, people may not notice the difference between him and his companions, that is if it is assumed he is not a fool himself. The wise one says the one who keeps the Lord’s commands is a wise son. So, the distinguishing feature between the fool and the wise is found in keeping the commands of God. To be wise therefore, we need to be careful to keep the Lord’s commands and not just that, we must be careful to associate with those who keep the Lord’s commands as well. This is important in that, in a war situation, arsenals are thrown into the camp of the enemy. If at the time the arsenals are shot, anyone who is not an enemy per se is in that camp, he becomes a casualty with the enemy. Some Egyptians escaped the first-born slaughter and the massacre at the Red Sea because during the Passover, they aligned with the Israelis and had to leave with them during the exodus. By doing this, they were counted among those who obeyed the command of God and therefore wise. They were referred to at the time as the mixed multitude. They made the right choice of companions.

Today, the Lord is warning that we should also watch the people we get yoked with. The yoke we bear can be to our benefit or a disaster. If yoked with someone who is going nowhere, the same will end up holding one down if his strength is much, or at least slow one down. But if yoked with an achiever or pacesetter, the same drags one along where necessary just so that he is not slowed down. Those people you collaborate with, are they wise or foolish? Do they do the will of God or otherwise? Let wisdom be your lot and be not a companion of the riotous. Those who are, end up shaming their father.

SOLUTION: The laws of God are simple but must be obeyed. Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Anything short of that is tantamount to foolishness. Then don’t just join the multitude in their deeds so that you don’t end up a companion of fools.

The Almighty God will help you in making your choices in the name of Jesus. You will not end up in the camp of God’s enemies in Jesus’ name. if by accident of fate you have been fellowshipping with the wrong team, the Lord Himself will draw you out of their midst today in Jesus’ name. Be separate is the injunction of the Lord to you today. Keep it.

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