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Choose your words wisely

Text: Colossians 4:6

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

Bible Reading:

1 Samuel 25:3-17


Words are very powerful such that it has the potential and capacity to turn the recipient to wrath or to mercy. It is soft words they say cause kolanut to be drawn out of the pocket. The way words are used can be a lifter for a life or a deepener thereof. This is why scriptures say death and life lie in the power of the tongue. Anyone who is able to control his tongue is able to control his entire being and shall live. It is a terrible thing to open one’s mouth to speak when hurt or angry. The tendency is to sprue venom. It is always good to eschew all weighty emotion before putting thoughts into words. It is even better to always engage the gear of the brain before that of the mouth. Anything said with the aim of hurting another has a way of hurting the speaker in the end. There once lived a military ruler whom everyone said was a nitwit and said so to his face. Although the saying hurt him, rather than say anything to anyone, he only decided to treat the populace like a nitwit would do and the populace was the loser for it. Nabal could have responded to David in a way that he wouldn’t have to part with anything and yet would not have drawn the wrath of David. All he needed was to season his words with salt. Say things that edify. Don’t say things that cause people to weep or mourn. Don’t be the reason anyone is unhappy by what you say to them. That fellow that you think is worthless may be worth more than your entire team combined if treated with love. Be not the source of sorrow to any but joy to many. Watch what you say to people. Many have had to commit suicide simply because of things people said to them. Use your tongue wisely.

Prayer Guide:

Dear Lord, I don’t want to be the source of sorrow to anyone, please help me to bridle my tongue and season my words with grace always in Jesus name.

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