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Christ Our Justification

Focus: Acts 13:39 - KJV

39. And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses.

Romans 3:19-26

The knowledge of the person of God suggests that He is righteous in all His being and associates only with righteous or clean beings. Uncleanness is brought by sin and sin is a result of disobedience. When Eve was deceived of the devil/serpent, she partook of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Some call it an apple. Bottomline is, there was a tree in the Garden that God commanded not to eat of, saying, the day they ate of it they would die. What is important is not the kind of fruit but the fact that the day they ate thereof they knew the difference between good and evil: good when they abstained from eating and evil when they did eat. As they ate and knew these things, they became susceptible to death. Of course, the Righteous One operating in them that made great deeds possible departed as His eyes do not behold iniquity/evil. And since the wages of sin is death, Christ came being the First Born of the Spirit to return us to spiritual life and wellness. But it was the law that brought sin about: thou shall not. The same was replicated in the Laws of Moses thereby letting sin and sinfulness multiply as men tend to step out of line every bit of the way.

God has provided safety in the salvation brought by the sacrifice of Christ such that if we believe in Him and embrace His ways, His righteousness justifies us from our past sin. By this righteousness and our pursuit of same, we are acclaimed righteous by God. All those who dwelled by the law of Moses could not be so justified as they have to continue to offer the blood of rams and other strange animals for the remission of their sins which blood is more of an abomination before God. Think about it: to sin is like spitting in the face of God. A person sinned last year and slaughtered rams; this year, he does more spitting even in greater propensity. When he brings another ram, should God accept it knowing that he was going to do greater spitting still? The only acceptable sacrifice is the one offered once and for all that gives consciousness to the Believer to abstain from spitting in the face of the Lord ever again. And where, by accident of sort a mistake is made, the One the Lord sees is the righteous One standing instead. This day, hold tenaciously to the righteousness of Christ for you to be justified. Your claim to the law can only further infuriate God.

SOLUTION: Locate the Christ; surrender your life to Him and let Him be the Controller thereof. Since your life is surrendered to Him don’t ever wrest the steering wheel from Him again. Follow His roadmap only, as He drives you to fulfilment.

The Lord will arise for your justification in those areas where the accuser of the brethren is raising accusation against you in Jesus’ name. You shall surely finish well and strong in the name of Jesus Christ. Hold on to the Christ.

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