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Christ’s Burden

Focus: Matthew 11:29-30 - KJV

29. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

John 13:12-16

The effect of a yoke ordinarily is to restrain the free will of an animal from doing as it pleases. It is co-joined to another and they are driven together by a taskmaster to achieve a burden, in most cases in the days of old, ploughing the farmland. But the higher level of yoke is that which the enemy puts on man to drag and hold him in darkness so that it is the will of the enemy he does continually. Enters Jesus upon the scene to remove this heavy yoke and burden of darkness from mankind. But to be free of the yoke of darkness, there is need to take on another yoke. This time, the yoke is quite easy and light. To show us how easy the said yoke is, Jesus lived by it as our example. For instance, though He be the Lord and Master, he stooped to wash the feet of His disciples and asked us to follow the example as we are not greater than Him as His servants. Hence, to bear the easy yoke, we need to be humble in our ways; we need to love our brethren; we need to obey the directives of our God. A refusal to do so appears to be an abandonment of the easy yoke for the tough one. With the easy yoke, there is less labor and rest but with the other yoke, there is weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth. There is indeed no progress with the heavy yoke whereas the acceleration in movement is guaranteed with the easy yoke. But the easy yoke is only effective if we obey the Master.

The reason it appears many things are not going smoothly may be attributable to the kind of yoke we bear. If it is the yoke or burden of Christ, there should ordinarily be relative ease and appreciable comfort. It is important we check ourselves from time to time in the mirror of the word of God to see if indeed we bear the easy yoke or we are already burdened with the yoke of darkness. Needless to say, the better yoke is that of Christ. Please let us all opt for that so that we may enjoy rest on all sides here on earth.

SOLUTION: Follow the example of Christ in all your ways. Please do not yield to the voice of the enemy in any way but that of Christ alone. Show meekness in all things and be lowly in spirit.

Father, we acknowledge the peace that comes with your yoke and we affirm that we prefer it. Do help us to take your yoke to ourselves and stick with it in Jesus’ name. Every attempt by the enemy to put his yoke on us, please nullify in the name of Jesus. From this day, please let us enjoy your rest in all ramification in Jesus’ name.

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