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Christ’s Friends

Focus: John 15:14 - KJV

14. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

John 15:12-15

There are friends and there are friends. Some claim to be friends but are nowhere to be found when issues of trust are concerned. They are not so trustworthy to stand by their supposed friends in time of need. A friend in need is said to be a friend indeed. No one qualifies to be a friend better than the Christ. He loves us so much that He laid down His life that we may live; He became poor that we, through His poverty may become rich; even after laying down His life, He keeps on putting up a case for us before the Father whenever we miss it. For us to continue as His friend, He directs that we love one another just like He has loved us. He does not want any to suffer for He already tasted what suffering in the flesh is and therefore He is such a High Priest that understands our infirmities. Hence, He directs that we bear one another’s burdens like He has done for us. And to describe His love for us, which is our standard too, He says there is no greater love than for a friend to lay down his life for his friend. He has done it, He wishes we do the same for one another. It is only those who do this that are His friends.

To be Christ’s friend is not hard. But is it not? Why do we find it right to be quick to judge our neighbors even without giving them the opportunity to be heard? Why is it so attractive to backstab one another with sayings and actions we cannot repeat before the concerned party? Why is our heart not pricked whenever we kill with our tongues so that we may gain position or recognition? But why? How can we claim we belong to Christ who, even when a person was caught in adultery, He refused to condemn but gave an opportunity to retrace steps? Why do we rejoice when it appears a perceived enemy is in crisis? Why do we seek to go to heaven after sojourning on earth and will not care if the neighbor ends up in hell? Why? Why do we rejoice at the demise of the perceived wicked believing that the same will end up in hell? Why do we wish anyone should go to hell anyway? To be Christ’s friends we need to have a rethink and renew our actions. The ministry He has given us is that of love and reconciliation. If we must be His friends and remain so, then we must obey His command which borders on love and reconciling others to God. If you have not started, start today and He will embrace your friendship.

I join my faith with yours to pray that going forward the ability to express greater love to others God will give unto you in Jesus name. And the souls of men will become dear to you from now in Jesus name. His embrace will make you shine better from now.

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