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Condemned No More

Focus: Romans 8:1 - KJV

1. There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Romans 6:14-23

Being in Christ Jesus is a very great privilege. Even though we speak of it as if a superficial matter, it is real and true that when we believe in Him that He has taken our place in the judgment that man brought upon himself through Adam in the Garden of Eden, we are set free from the curse of the law, and the sentence of death that came therewith. It is that man had condemned himself to death; but Jesus Christ came and died in his stead. The belief in this brings a new realization: if someone had died for us, why need we live as if we are still condemned like we were, before He took our place? When a criminal is condemned to death, and another steps forward to take his place, the criminal is set free, and the substitute killed in his place.

Christ proved this and allowed it to play out in His trials and condemnation. There was a notorious criminal called Barabbas. He had been condemned to death for his evil deeds, just like man was condemned through Adam. The wicked was set free and the innocent was condemned instead. Christ died and Barabbas was free. No one could have held Barabbas again for his crimes for which Christ was condemned. In the same manner, He died for the whole humanity and therefore, there is no more condemnation over any man, who will believe Christ, and live by what He brought to us: righteousness. As it would have been great folly for Barabbas to go on another crime spree, believing he was free after Jesus was killed in his place, it is also great folly for any man to dwell in sin and claim he still cannot be condemned. Of course, he would be axed for his fresh deeds.

Beloved, Christ died for us, once and for all. After this, there is no other sacrifice for sin. Hence, we are to go and sin no more, if we must not fall into condemnation again. It is the devil that lies to us to want to continue in sin claiming Christ had died for us. It cannot be right! How can we keep saying we love God and keep putting mud in His face, only to say again, well, you already died for my sin, and therefore, I cannot be condemned for whatever I do? Don’t forget He promised to say to some who would claim to have done things in His name, that He knows them not for they are workers of iniquity. That is a clear condemnation for them who fail to live in righteousness. Please don’t be caught in the web. Be deliberate about being righteous. God loves you and wants to keep you.

SOLUTION: There is no greater falsehood than believing once saved, you are forever saved and therefore, can live a life of sin. Abstinence from sin is a prerequisite to having our names in the Book of Life. We are born to undergo the process Adam went through and survive. Therefore, in all you do, avoid the voice of the serpent, even if it is passed down by your closest friend.

Please pray thus: Father, thank you for saving me from the condemnation of sin. Please from today, and by your Spirit, help me never to yield to the voice of the serpent again, even as you please forgive me for yielding in times past, in Jesus’ name.

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