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Consequential blessings

Key verse: Isaiah 61:7

For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.

Read: Isaiah 61:1-9

It is somewhat beautiful to hear believers claim the words of our text today as a form of blessing they are entitled to. Indeed, some use it in prayer to bless others. Good. But in the things of God, it appears nothing goes for nothing. Therefore, He is described as the covenant keeper. When you do your part, He does His part. Ironically, He expects little from you for the much He is to bestow on you in the covenant. There are conditions for having double for their shame. God is ready to put upon you His Spirit for your use in furthering His course. That course is for you to dispel darkness and its works everywhere you encounter them. In this, you will very likely encounter shame; but for that shame, rest assured that you will be doubly glorified. For the confusion you are likely to encounter in the pursuit, be glad because you will rejoice in that which you will gain from God.

Peter was of the mind that the gentiles were common and unclean and therefore did not deserve the light of God’s kingdom. His reluctance paved way for the ministry of Paul who hitherto was a persecutor of Christ. In the manifestation of the anointing of God in Paul’s life, he suffered so much shame being ordinarily a Professor of law. In the end, he got even more than double for his shame. Today, so many years after his demise, he is making disciples of others and his glorying is unparalleled. Like Peter and Paul, God has also anointed you to put darkness to flight in all its ramification and appearance. But what have you been doing with the anointing? It is when you put it to the desired use that you start to eat the riches of gentiles. Why? Because they are brought out of darkness through you. Many are languishing in squalor despite the anointing that can get them out of it. They fail to go to the river to “rescue” the fish that has the golden coin that is purposed for their rescue.

Put the anointing to good use and you will start to experience great blessing as a result of doing so. Do note that the anointing is bestowed by the Holy Spirit. You do not have the anointing if you do not have the Holy Spirit in your life. You cannot have the Holy Spirit unless you accept Jesus Christ. You need to do the needful.

Pray: Father, I thank you for being in my life. Thank you also for your anointing. From today, please help me to manifest your light against every incidence of darkness in Jesus name.

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