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Continue in the Love of Christ

Focus: John 15:9 - KJV

9. As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

John 15:9-11

There is abundant joy in the love of God. The love that God has for Jesus Christ made Him to abide with Christ all through His earthly sojourn. God knows that Christ being in Him, knows Him in totality and is able to present Him to anyone that cares to listen to Him. No wonder God took time to present Christ at different occasions as His beloved Son in whom He (God) is well pleased. He even asserted that He (Christ) should be heard. There has been no other whether before or after Christ for whom God has done this. It is a special love that exists between the Father and the Christ. Now, the Christ is not selfish. He offers every one of us that believes, the exact kind of love that He enjoys from the father. But He got the opportunity of such love through obedience from the Father. That we may not assume we are not accorded the same measure of love, He makes the basic criteria known to us. It is only in obeying Him that loves us that our joy may be full. In essence, fullness of joy is in obeying the commands of Christ who loves us with the manner of love the Father has for Him.

Today, Christ is concerned about the level of joy you have. He desires that your joy may be full. He however sees the things impeding it. All those hidden/secret sins are not hidden from Him. They actually stand between Him and His releasing unspeakable joy. Those little foxes borne out of disobedience glare Him in the face regarding your matter. This is the day of salvation. Take a quantum leap towards obedience from now and see the fullness of joy.

SOLUTION: Obedience, obedience, obedience! Christ will not deny Himself. What He desires is what He desires. Obedience is the key to fullness of joy in love.

The Lord will make our joy to be full from today in Jesus’ name. He will open our eyes to see and deal with the aspect of our lives that need amending even this day in the mighty name of Jesus. We shall never miss out on the benefits of the love of Christ in Jesus’ name.

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