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Correct Petition

Focus: James 4:3 - KJV

3. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.

Numbers 23:1-12

From a very long time until now, many people present themselves as intercessors, or intermediaries between God and man. They hold claim to having unrestricted access to the throne of God to the effect that when they pray, God hears and answers. Indeed, on numerous occasions they have demonstrated this to be true, in that, those they interceded on behalf of came back to say thank you. However, it will appear that when they call on God and He answers, it is that their petitions met with the heart of God at the time. Since God is love, if at any time, such people’s petitions dovetails into love, the tendency is for God to answer. If, however, love is absent from it, then God is not pleased and refuses to grant such petition.

There was a man in the days of scripture called Balaam. The Bible records that whatever he said was backed by God, and so, his petitions were never denied. But on a particular occasion, a wicked king, for no just cause, invited him to curse Israel, just so that he may discomfit them in battle. Knowing that God is not given to evil, but believing that God may be enticed by sacrifice, Balaam asked that seven altars be built, and offered sacrifice on each to seek the face of God to pronounce curses on Israel. Rather than grant curses, God made him to pronounce blessings instead. This is a vivid example of asking amiss, for whom God has blessed, none can curse.

Beloved, it is a great virtue to intercede on behalf of others. It is however, important to test all spirits and hold on to the one that is true, before going ahead to seek to destroy the children of others at the request of anyone. That is the trait of the people of the coven, and ought not be mentioned among believers. To make correct petitions, even if there is a negative request, let us ask for mercy and God’s intervention between the parties, rather than take sides and seek to curse whom God has blessed.

SOLUTION: Go out today seeking to ask God to bless everyone that comes your way. Never intend evil towards anyone talk less of praying the same to happen. Pray only according to love, never seeking to hurt anyone as the end result of your prayers.

Pray thus: Father, please teach me to pray correctly that I may not engage in futile efforts in the place of prayer, in the name of Jesus. From this day, Lord, let not any of my prayers fall to the ground ever again in Jesus’ name.

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