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Costly Sacrifice

Focus: 1 Chronicles 21:24 - KJV

24. And king David said to Ornan, Nay; but I will verily buy it for the full price: for I will not take that which is thine for the LORD, nor offer burnt offerings without cost.

1 Chronicles 21:18-25

David was king in Israel which translates to the fact that he could harness whatever he needed from any subject without question, at least as advised by Jezebel to king Ahab regarding Naboth’s vineyard. But unlike many in the position of authority who lack the fear of God, David determined in himself that nothing is worthy of being used to worship God that was at no cost to the worshipper. Some will take from the neighbor or even the entire society and assume they are doing God a favor. David believed it is deception of oneself to do so and therefore would not. Rather, he took from what was his to purchase the land for building an altar unto his God. By doing that, he had rest of mind. But it is possible to take from another to offer as sacrifice and David also gave that example. When his body yearned for sexual appeasement after he was lured by sight into lusting after the wife of a lieutenant, he freely took that of another to do the appeasement. As a result, he lost his peace with time. One thing led to another and the wise king became a silly murderer. Ornan’s land was paid for at a cost for building an altar to make sacrifice unto God; Uriah’s wife was a costly sacrifice for David’s body that smeared his dynasty.

As beautiful as it is to make sacrifice unto God, please don’t make sacrifice at the expense of another. God honors the sacrificial giver. Whether now, the sacrifice is unto God or unto your self-aggrandizement, please do not put the cost of it on another. God sees and recompenses. Shortchanging a neighbor to satisfy our desire is by no means godly. It can only pitch us against God and not otherwise. Check that which you think you have been sowing: is it legitimately yours? David could have taken Ornan’s land and used for his purpose and it would have been recorded that he built an altar unto the Lord there. But is God pleased with unjust altars on which unjust offerings are made? Perhaps the reason it appears God is far from your offerings and sacrifices is that it is at an excruciating cost to another.

SOLUTION: Do not ever give to God what you did not earn legitimately and never take anything from another person to please yourself to the detriment of that other. God sees.

Lord, please make all my offerings and sacrifices acceptable unto you that they may speak for me pleasantly in the days of need in Jesus’ name. In any way by which I may have shortchanged anyone in times past, as it is you that I sinned against thereby, please forgive me and succor the victim by replenishing the same fully in Jesus’ name. Do silence the accuser of the brethren concerning me and regarding any such matter in the name of Jesus Christ.

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