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Counsel of truth

Focus: Isaiah 25:1 - KJV

1. O LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.

Isaiah 30:21-26

The Lord is a righteous God who does not lie. Rather, the enemy is the chief liar and operates absolutely in deceit. He enjoys deceiving people and making them work against righteousness by which they expose themselves to the hills of life. It is the devil, knowing that God hates idolatry, that makes men have the mind of fake gods beside the living God. In reality, he makes man move against every counsel proceeding from God. When that is achieved, he succeeds in making man draw far away from his God. He was able to defeat every generation of man through his deceit until he failed with Christ. When Christ was to begin ministry, the devil led Him to be tempted. The encounter shows the lies of the devil as a device to want to compromise Christ. He whipped up the lust of the flesh, that of the eyes and the pride of life, like he does with every man from age to age even up till today. He queried Christ’s Sonship though He knew Him to be the Son of God. He told Christ he would give the earth to Him to whip up lust but failed in that what he sought was to make Christ subservient to himself through obedience; and of course the same is true with the request for jumping down.

Christ our example said that He did nothing except the things He saw the father do. That is how He was able to overcome the vagaries of the enemy. The same God is available today to counsel everyone who is willing to follow His counsel. The counsel of the Lord is true. It guides the believer to set aside everything that offends God; it directs on the path of life and the way to life and life more abundantly. It is the voice of truth. When we accept the counsel of God and follow same, the devil is put to shame in our case. We are also doing ourselves a world of good by abiding by His counsel. Indeed we should glorify Him for His counsel that keeps us out of trouble and the peril that comes from heeding the voice and counsel of the enemy.

May the Lord keep you in His counsel for the rest of your life so that you may enjoy the goodness that flow from His throne forever in Jesus name. For you and your household, may the Lord make you examples of righteousness in this generation and for generations to come in Jesus name. Please hearken only to the counsel of the Lord for it is true and you can discover them from His word. Any counsel that cannot pass the test of the word of God is a lie and should be discarded immediately. Don’t be caught unawares.

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