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Covenant keeping God

Memorize: 1 Kings 8:23

And he said, LORD God of Israel, there is no God like thee, in heaven above, or on earth beneath, who keepest covenant and mercy with thy servants that walk before thee with all their heart:

Read: 1 Kings 8:17-24

Whenever God makes a promise, He fulfills it. It is evil to make a promise to a being and fail to bring it to pass. Promises are however made in righteousness and may be reviewed when evil sets in. God had promised David, the friend of God who had purposed to build a footstool for the Lord but was declined, that his son would be allowed to build one in his stead and God fulfilled it through Solomon. God also promised that the heirs of David would not cease on the throne of Israel. But that came with a proviso that such heirs must continue in the love and fear of God just like David their father. Unfortunately, Solomon deviated from the commands of God and therefore caused a tearing of the kingdom after him. No one can blame God for that. Saul was appointed king in Israel with assurance that his heirs would continue. This was paused when Saul moved against God. Eli was assured the priesthood but God returned and said far be it from Him when the sons of Eli became sons of Belial without Eli checking them.

God has made you promises that you are waiting for the performance. He will not fail you. He will surely bring it to pass. It is however important that you ensure that the basis for the promise are still in place, which is the righteous things you did that extracted the promise from the Lord. If you must continue to wait for that promise, do please first ensure that you are on course and have not denied God. Once you are sure all things are in place as it was when the promise came, rest assured you have it. If, however certain things have changed, it is not too late for you to quickly seek the face of God in repentance. He will restore you once you draw nigh unto Him. Act fast. The intercession of Samuel for Saul was rejected once the door had been shut against him. Don’t let the door be shut in your case before you start to make a move. God loves you still.


Father, I thank you for your promises for my life. As I await the manifestation thereof, please forgive all my faults and misgivings that may bring about a disqualification in Jesus name.

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