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Covenant to answer prayers

Memorize: Psalms 79:9

Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of thy name: and deliver us, and purge away our sins, for thy name's sake.

Read: 2 Chronicles 7:12-14

Life on earth is bedeviled with so much misdeeds. Man is so frail in the flesh that it often seems to him that he cannot survive unscathed by the wickedness of the enemy. Some say, the Lord did not create him to be perfect. Not true. The Lord actually seeks that he would be perfect even as his Creator is perfect. Nevertheless, between the realization of this position and becoming truly perfect, there are bound to be mistakes and pitfalls. The effect of that is to cause serious backlash in life no matter what. Did you say but why? It is that God cannot deny Himself. Once the standards had been set, they remain so for everyone. The difference is, He can raise His scepter in your case when He finds you genuinely remorseful. That raising of scepter prevents you from the consequences of your action and it is called mercy.

So, for mercy to come to bear, you must be humble enough to realize your folly anytime you are wrong, confess/relinquish them, and ask for forgiveness from God. Then will He raise His scepter for your sake for He is the God of your salvation who is able to deliver you and purge your sins. It is God Himself who promised to do so. It is true that you erred in that action you took. It is also true that the situation confronting you now which is most unpalatable is fallout of that error. It is important for you to pause at this point to reason whether you prefer the continuation of this situation or worse. If you don’t, the Lord has a covenant to hear you, if you will humble yourself and pray to Him forsaking your error and identifying it as same. The Lord is willing to turn the situation around in your favor and put laughter in your mouth again.

God is a covenant keeper. He has prescribed the terms of the covenant. Yes, it was made regarding the temple built by Solomon in Jerusalem. But then, God is faithful. He is Omnipresent and said clearly that He doesn’t dwell in houses built by hands. So, if you will, wherever you find yourself, pray to God in humility, you invoke the covenant by so doing and it shall be well with you. Please be sure to forsake the sin not to incur greater calamity. God bless you.

Pray: Father, I confess my errors before you promising never to return to them again by the help of your Spirit. Please take over my plight and make my life better from now by taking away every dart of darkness in the name of Jesus.

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