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Creative prowess

Text: Job 22:28

Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

Bible Reading:

Joshua 10:!0-13


Part of the benefits of being on the side of God is the ability to command and see it established. This is so because we are children of God and therefore gods in our own rights. No wonder He says ye are gods, little children. As gods, our Father has given us the capacity to create with the words of our mouth even like He created in the beginning. And because He is the same and changes not, what He did for someone in a past generation He can repeat unto us of the current generation. He gave heed to the decree of Joshua in our Bible Reading; nothing bars Him from doing the same for you today except perhaps your iniquity and lack of faith. If you have faith and you are certain of your stand in God, that element that is preventing you from showing forth the glory of God only requires your positive action. Just pronounce what you want to see. Ezekiel did not believe that the dry bones in his vision could live again. But when in accordance with the dictates of God he prophesied to the dry bones, they came alive and eventually became a standing army. There are situations confronting you and presenting to you dead tools or materials which hitherto were of immense value to you. God is simply asking you to prove Him today by speaking life to those things saying those things that are not as if they are and see them become. The same yesterday and today and forever is ready to back you up like He did Joshua. All He requires of you is faith that does not waiver. When He finds faith in you, He manifests Himself through you unto the world. You are coming out victorious. Do it.


Father, I call your name to reckoning today, let every decree that proceeds out of my mind from now find manifestation in the name of Jesus.

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