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Declare God’s faithfulness

Focus: Psalms 89:1 - KJV

1. I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.

Judges 15:9-16

God is faithful to bring to bear that which He promises His children. But are we as children, faithful enough to acknowledge God’s faithfulness in our progress as pilgrims on earth? Many are times when we are confronted with situations that we know that we do not have an escape in ordinary sense. And somehow, God brings us out unscathed. Many, after such occasion, continue as if the victory was normal or even end up praising themselves. The philistines had been a thorn in the flesh of Israel before God gave them Samson by His promise. Samson was a special being because of his carriage of the Spirit of God. One of the times, he got entangled by a great battalion of the philistine army in Lehi. Then, the Spirit of God aided him with the jawbone of an ass to kill a thousand soldiers as one-man army. Great fete, no doubt. But rather than acknowledge the deed as God’s, he only beat his own chest for it. David was not like that and for it he was loved of God exceedingly. He always ascribed his doings to God and announced it for the entire world to hear. Of course, he had greater successes every which way; but Samson ended up a sorry case.

Beloved, you are doing so well, no doubt. Those achievements are however, attributable first to God. Please stop sharing His glory with Him. Doing so robs one of other benefits available with Him. Like David, be a proclaimer of the faithfulness of God over your life and see what much more you will gain from doing so. God is looking for better people than David to breathe on. Will you be one of them?

SOLUTION: Never again assume your success is based on your prowess. Submit all things unto God. Be careful to thank God always and don’t forget to testify amongst brethren every time He shows His faithfulness unto you.

Father, we love you. We appreciate you for everything you have been doing for us and for it we hallow your name forever. Please Lord, as we promise to declare your faithfulness among generations, do keep on blessing us in you in the name of Jesus Christ. Even when we appear to forget to testify per time, please prompt us by your Spirit to be in right standing with you always in Jesus’ name. We will forever acknowledge your goodness, Daddy.

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