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Deep and Secret Things

Key verse: Daniel 2:22

He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.

2 Kings 6:8-12

Our God is Omniscient – the all-knowing God. Nothing is hidden from Him. Even when things are concocted in crass darkness, He sees and knows them. Therefore, it is laughable when men plan evil and believe it is done in secret for none to see and they really believe their deeds are hidden. A prominent man of God and mentor to many once taught that anything done secretly for none to know about is done in darkness and therefore it is sin. Those things considered deep and secret are absolutely glaring in the face of the Lord. There was a man in the days of scripture called Elisha. This man possessed the Spirit of God in him and by the same Spirit he heard conversations and plans in strange places. The things that the king of Syria plotted in his bedroom, he, being at the time the enemy of Israel, was glaring in the knowledge of Elisha.

Elisha could hear the secret of the king of Syria by the Holy Spirit and not talisman, treacherous science or any other means. It is the Holy Spirit that knows the deep things of God and therefore every other thing considered deep and secret are within His purview. He reveals them. Daniel also had the same Spirit. In his own case, the king had a dream but claimed to have forgotten it. Yet he wanted someone to tell him his dream and its interpretation. A dream the dreamer could not recall was unearthed by Daniel through the help of the Holy Spirit the One that has full knowledge of all depths.

This day, if we will also allow the Holy Spirit in our lives, we shall start to see the secrets of the enemy and of kings so that they start to regard us and give honor to our God. The Holy Spirit is available only to the children of God. No one can be a child of God who is still carrying the guilt of the sin of Adam in his heart thereby remaining subservient to the devil. No servant can serve two masters. If you believe Christ died for our sin and has reconciled us to God, then you will start to obey Christ and live your life by Him. Then are you accorded to be a child of God, and then is the Holy Spirit available unto you. Everyone you see exhibiting the power of God first started this way. Won’t you also make the crucial decision today?

Pray: Father, let your Spirit dwell in me richly that I may also understand deep and secret things from hence better than ever in Jesus name.

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