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Deliverance by the word

Memorize: Psalms 107:20

He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

Read: Joshua 5:13 to 6:2.

It was by the word of God that the void earth got a form and rhythmic meaning. When Adam fell from grace and submitted the reins of the earth to the enemy, the voidness was back in place and mankind had lived in bondage since then. But God sent His word again. This time only those who hear the word and believe it are taken out of the void even though the word has already performed the enterprise for which it is sent.

Everytime we are confronted with difficulty on earth and it appears life is becoming or has become void, we need the word of God. Joshua was a minister of Moses. He had seen wonders performed through the hands of Moses. Most of the time, he was involved in battle with the enemy and prevailed because he had the backing of Moses. Then, Moses died. Joshua heard a voice of one who said He was the one that made Moses do the exploits he did and that from then on, He would also be for Joshua. So reassuring but then, there was no proof yet. Then suddenly, there was the over-fortified Jericho to confront. Life was already gloomy. Manna had ceased. Joshua knew the people so well. Soon, complaints would start. But then God came through and spoke His word. And things went according to His word: the enemy fell for their sakes and they had victory through and through.

In that situation that you have been plunged by the situations and circumstances of life, what you need is the word of God. Once you get the word, you cannot fail. His word is available in the Holy Bible. If you will take time to study without distraction and meditate on it, God will speak to your heart from it regarding that situation. God can also minister His word to your heart through hymns and songs. You can receive direct instruction from the pulpit if you are attentive enough. God can send His word to you through the most unexpected vessel. A pastor once travelled by subway in the city of New York. In the train was a seemingly insane man seating at the opposite end. Suddenly the “mad man” while looking pointedly at the Pastor, opened his mouth and what came out of it for more than three minutes was a direct message from the Lord for the Pastor. Seek the word today and when you receive it, you will surely be delivered from the void.

Pray: Father, I thank you for your Word. Help me to always hear from you so that by your word I may be delivered from evil, disease and destruction in Jesus name.

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