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Deliverance from the wicked

Key verse: Jeremiah 15:21

And I will deliver thee out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible.

Acts 12:1-23

There are many wicked people operating upon the face of the earth. They however thrive in their wickedness because they have support from other wicked ones pleased with their deeds, and those who though displeased, acquiesce in it through their silence and inaction. When Herod killed James by the sword, the Jews of the time were happy and pleased with the deed. That encouraged the wicked Herod to step forward to do more evil by taking Peter also with a view to killing him too. Neither the Jews nor any other people rose to condemn the arrest of Peter whose only offence was preaching Christ. But whether men rise to aid the righteous or not, there is a righteous God who will not allow the wicked to thrive in his enterprise over the righteous. The Lord, through the ministry of angels, rescued Peter from the sword of Herod. He will rescue someone today from the hands of the oppressor in the name of Jesus Christ.

God will not only deliver from the wicked, He allows the wicked to pick his own waterloo. Aside oppressing the weak, Herod moved further to ascribe glory to himself in contention with God and he met his waterloo in that he was eaten of worms. Every unrepentant oppressor of your life shall fall into his own pit that he had dug in Jesus name just as Haman was hung on the same gallows he prepared for Mordecai.

When the Lord promises to deliver, He speaks of those who are close to Him. It is if you draw nigh unto Him that He in turn draws nigh unto you. Hence, if you are experiencing some form of oppression currently, and it seem not to be abating, please draw nearer to God in prayers, praise and worship. It was while the Church prayed that the angel went to release Peter from incarceration. Paul and Silas too engaged directly in praise and prayer and they were let loose from their captivity. Never assume people are praying for you as you are not Peter. Like Paul and Silas, pray fervently like never and see God come through for you. As you look up to God today, He will put confusion into the midst and minds of your oppressors in Jesus name. Those who have hated you and plotted your damnation will decorate you with honor soon in Jesus name. Happy Day!

Pray: Father, please make me higher than my oppressors even as you deliver me from the grips and captivity in Jesus’ name.

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