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Do Everything in Love

Focus: 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 - KJV

13. Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. 14. Let all your things be done with charity.

Ephesians 3:14-19

For the Christian faith, love is a phenomenon that occupies the pride of place in all our doings and engagements. From the very beginning, man was hated by the enemy and that was why the enemy tricked him into disobedience and thereby, a fall from grace. From that time until the advent of Christ and even now, the interplay of spiritual forces have been to prevent man from exhibiting or showing love so that he would not be like God. Today, nations are warring against nations, blood brothers are at daggers drawn over next to nothing, undue and unnecessary tussles happen over resources which we did not create but met in place in our domains, some will not even allow others to make use of land which is a resource that belongs to no one. To be better and emulate God who is our father, we are enjoined therefore, to watch for the treachery of the enemy in wanting to deceive us to act against love by standing fast in the faith we have been introduced to and shun the devices of the enemy by quitting his shenanigans like strong men. All these we achieve by ensuring whatever we do is done in love. The law had prescribed death for anyone caught in adultery. When a woman was presented to Christ in such circumstance for Him to judge, He declined judgment but allowed the woman another chance. Again, the law is to treat lepers as outcasts. Note that no one is deliberately leprous but found in such circumstance beyond his control. Rather than treat the leper as an outcast, Christ touched him to give him reprieve from his situation. As Christians, to be like Christ truly, we must be careful not to fulfil the script of the enemy, but act in love always, instead.

Are you in a position to show love to someone whom everybody has turned a back on? God has brought that situation your way to ascertain your Christ-likeness. Have people been unkind to you and treated you in most heinous ways? Show them love in return in every way you can just like Joseph did to his wicked brothers in the end. Are you in a position of authority that you can command the comfort or wellbeing of a fellow man in a predicament? Tender justice with mercy by extending a hand of love to the fellow. In all we do, let us emulate our father who is the lover of all and did not consider our wickedness before deciding to die for our sins just so that He may show us His love.

SOLUTION: Love always. Let no bitterness cross your heart to want to repay evil for evil. Rather, do good to all no matter what they do to you. Let love fill your heart unto overflowing.

Father, we want more of you. Please release your Spirit upon us the more so that we may display only your virtues and nothing else in all our dealings. Help us to love our neighbors always like ourselves and please keep us strong in you that we may be able to resist the devil and his devices at all times in Jesus’ name. Every temptation that may be thrown at us that may want to prevent us from showing love, please do not let the same overwhelm us in Jesus’ name.

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This is the opener for the heart of evil ones. May God give me the capacity to show LOVE.

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